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PHOTOS/REVIEW: Skyward Story (Boston, MA)

“Smile, I’d do anything to see you smile. Cause it’s been a minute, but it’s alright to not find the answers tonight. Smile. I’d do anything to see you smile.”

After pop-rock trio, Skyward Story, left the stage Tuesday, December 11 as they finished their set I can confirm every single person in that crowd was smiling– and for good reason too. Originating from Baltimore, Maryland, Skyward Story have been soaring through the sky as they start writing the exposition to their story. Brandon Millman (drummer), Scott Montgomery (guitarist), and Aaron O’Connor (vocalist) make up this energetic and enthusiastic trio as they prepare to lift off and reach new heights.

From the first song to the last note the energy never ceased to drop. The whole set list featured back to back punches of high enthusiasm. There was no such thing as staying in one place for Aaron and Scott, for they made a point to make sure no part of the stage had gone untouched.

Edging towards pop vibes similar to Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, the band has certainly not forgotten their pop-punk roots and have found the perfect secret blend of the best of both worlds. The trio never failing to keep the crowd on their toes and unsuspecting of what’s to come. Playing original bops and the occasional covers they are so notoriously known for on YouTube, Skyward Story is a band one certainly does not want to miss. This has been my third time seeing the band perform and each show they only get better and better.

The band just released their debut album Reborn on January 18th, 2019.

During this past tour, which recently ended Friday, December 14th, the band has hidden one copy of their debut album at each venue on tour, giving one hint on Twitter an hour before doors. CDs were also available to purchase at the merch table.

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Photo credit: Hana Belanger

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