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PHOTOS: Seaway at Chain Reaction, Anaheim, CA

Seaway-7Canadian band Seaway opened up the Pure Noise Records Tour at Chain Reaction. They’re no longer strangers to this venue, vocalist Ryan Locke had stated “This is the fourth time we’ve played here & it’s our favorite venue to play. The very first time was our tour with Major League” I had gone to that show (Thanks to Infectious Mag!) and there were about 20-30 people in the crowd, myself included, but that didn’t stop them from giving an amazing show & tonight was no different.

They opened up their set with “Airhead” which is the 8th track off their new album Colour Blind. I was curious as to how the new record would sound live after hearing the album online and the verdict for me was they sounded JUST like the album. Ryan sounded like he was coming down with a cold or maybe his voice just needed a day off. He was fairly raspy & didn’t sound the best that he could, but the crowd helped him belt out every song during their set.

I caught myself a couple of times singing along during their set, they have such catchy songs! They added a couple of old songs to this set list (probably from all the fans asking them on twitter about it) Including “Alberta.” “Your Best Friend.” “Sabrina.” and “Shy Guys.” I could tell the crowd was really into it, because they couldn’t stay off the stage!

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