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Review and Photos: Senses Fail, Boston, MA


Senses Fail took to a sold out House of Blues crowd in Boston, MA on April Fools Day. Personally, I was unsure how the crowd would take to the heavier sound the band has adopted starting with their 2013 release, Renacer, but I was hoping it would be extremely positive. Sure enough, the fans showed their appreciation and then some for the band from the very first moment. The New Jersey based five piece kicked it off with a classic, “You’re Cute When You Scream,” and were met with a loud crowd response and plenty of crowd surfing. Singer Buddy Neilsen stormed around the stage like madman, throwing his mic (and his body) around with reckless abandon.

The mayhem continued when they went into “Canine,” a circle pit type banger from Renacer. Neilsen’s theatrics continued, doing cartwheels, playing imaginary golf, bowling the microphone across the stage, and at one point, even trying to soccer juggle it with his feet. The best part of it all was that none of it seemed forced or planned. Later on in the night, my friend mentioned that it was like Buddy was having “too much fun” on stage, something we greatly enjoyed seeing.

Throughout the chaotic set, the band touched on fan favorites such as “Calling All Cars” and “Buried A Lie,” as well as their latest release, “All You Need Is Already Within You.” They also played two other tracks off of Renacer (“Holy Mountain” and “Closure/Rebirth”) and even played “Bloody Mountain” off of their debut EP. It seemed as if every song they chose to play was met with emphatic energy from the sold out crowd. By the bar, people were singing along like they were back in high school, and in the crowd, people were moving and screaming along at the top of their lungs. The atmosphere was incredible, and that led to a perfect ending with “Bite to Break Skin.”

I think this was a very nostalgic show for what I thought was an older crowd. I saw more 20-somethings singing along and getting involved in the crowd than usual, and I think a lot of that is due to the energy that Senses Fail brings to the stage. Even though there is but one founding member remaining, the band feels younger and more energetic than ever. They are now on Pure Noise Records, and I think this chapter in Senses Fail’s history may just be their strongest.

Check out the full online photo gallery of Senses Fail’s show on April 1st in Boston, MA after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

All photos by Jason Cox.

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