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PHOTOS/REVIEW: Marianas Trench & Secret Someones

MT-8Up until 2001, Marianas Trench was known as just the deepest part of the ocean. Since the year the band formed, Marianas Trench has become a rising name in pop punk. Between the fantastic live shows, amazing music videos, and genuine meet-and-greet experiences, the”Trenchers”, as the fans so lovingly call themselves, have supported this band since the beginning.

With the recent release of their latest album, Astoria, Marianas Trench headed out on the Hey You Guys!! Tour with Secret Someones. The entire performance is filled with heart-felt songs, bright strobes, and the occasional break between songs for Josh to provide the usual sassy remark. That’s what the fans live for, the excitement that comes from the bands.

Secret Someones provided a pleasant opener, a great way to kick off the night. Their music came from the heart, clearly portrayed by the passionate performance. Each song gave a new beat for the crowd to get into, the songs differing from each other but still bringing a smile to the crowd. Even after their set when the concert was winding down and they were meeting fans, I could overhear the praise they received for their the songs that listeners could connect to and the joy that Secret Someones brings to people.

As the main act hit the stage, the lights went up and the people went wild. Marianas Trench started off by giving a little intro song that came from the recently released album, Astoria. Through their set, they played some of their hits like “Fallout”, “Celebrity Status”, and my personal favorite, “Stutter” alongside some of the recent songs of Astoria like “One Love”. Every few songs were interjected with commentary from the band and Josh interacting with the crowd. The classic sassy Josh remarks always brought a smile to the room.

Between the meet-and-greets after the show and the incredible time to connect with fellow fans before it, a good time was had by all. The music played by both bands is something that all music lovers can enjoy and can bring anyone to their feet to dance to.

Marianas Trench and Secret Someones are on tour now! Buy concert tickets here and purchase Marianas Trench’s purchase a CD here!


Secret Someones

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