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PHOTOS/REVIEW: New Politics, Washington DC.

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IMG_1228The recent events of the past week have shaken up a lot of the music industry. Many bands have cancelled shows and even more ticket holders did not show up. In an interview they had earlier that morning, New Politics commented on the Paris terror attacks, saying how the band performs to help people escape reality, and to create something unifying.  Since last Friday’s attacks, before they go on stage they worry if the same events that unfolded in Paris will happen to them. Even with these fears in their minds and obviously on the minds of the attendants and the many absent ticket holders, New Politics took the stage at Echostage in Washington DC, and created their signature musical escape from reality.

The fast guitar lick of “Kings and Queens” opened the set and instantly set the tone for what the night was going to be, fun and energetic. For those that have never seen New Politics, energetic is an understatment. There is not a single second that lead singer David Boyd is not performing some sort of breakdance move or Soren Hansen is not bashing his guitar. Lets not forget drummer Louis Vecchio who always has his signature backflip off the drum stand. Truly electric amounts of energy come off of them in their performance.

With songs like “Harlem” and “15 Dreams” its no wonder where that energy comes from but the heart of their songs. The band performed a high energy set with songs mixed from their last two albums (A Bad Girl In Harlem and Viking), with the exception of “Yeah, Yeah,Yeah”(New Politics). Its hard to not get lost in their mesmerizing stage performance and dance along with crowd. All of Echostage was moving with New Politics last night creating a wonderful sense of unity with the crowd.


If these men were worried about something it did not show in their performance last night. I had a second after the show to talk to Soren about what they said on the radio that morning. Soren said it best: “If you stop going to shows, or are scared to go, you are letting them(ISIS) win. Fight back by continuing to go to shows.”

You can still catch New Politics on The Wilderness Politics Tour. You can buy concert tickets to the last few dates here. Their new album Vikings is also available to purchase on CD.  You can see more pictures capturing the evening performance below.

Photos By: Owen Paterline


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