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PLAYLIST: A Sneak Peek Into The Routine’s Music World

the routineGreetings music lovers. This is a sneak peek into The Routine music world. Every member of the band has a distinct taste in music, these are some of the songs we all get down to. Songs that set a good mood in the van during that long drive to the next town. This playlist pairs nicely with our new album Black Tropics. Some of the songs influenced the album, others are a preview of things to come.

Bill Withers – “Wintertime”

Bill is our guy, he doesn’t get enough shine. He has a sweetness and simplicity that shines through tracks like this. This one is especially fun to hear Bryan [Barbarian] sing when he puts it on in the van. ‘Rubbin on your skin…You’re stayin alive little brother from the warm fire within.”

The Meters – “Thinking”

What a groove, every instrument is singing. We love that New Orleans sound. Fire rhymes with Bayou

Jimi Hendrix – “Power of Soul (Fillmore East)”

No matter how many times we listen to Jimi, he always has something new to offer. Hard to believe it was almost 50 years ago. With the power of soul anything is possible!

Led Zeppelin – “Since I’ve Been Loving You”

Guitar heavy minor blues? Yes please. Zeppelin really rocked this one, employing all levels of dynamics. The weight of this song is palpable. They take it from 1 to 10 and back again, to 11 and beyond.

The Doors – “Ghost Song”

This quirky Doors hit has just the right mood with a funky groove and guitar riffs to match.

Talking Heads – “Pull Up The Roots”

Funky bass, infectious guitar and a percussion solo? “Pull Up The Roots.”

The Funkees – “Abraka”

We had already written and recorded Black Tropics when we first heard The Funkees. This power packed psychadelic afro rock blew us away like it came from a past life.

Thundercat – “Heartbreaks + Setbacks”

We are big fans of Thundercat. “Heartbreaks + Setbacks” has a nice sentimental feeling that is upbeat but heavy. It’s a twofer because it quotes Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues,” which is a song that we have the utmost respect for. See also “Them Changes” and “Tron Song.”

Kamasi Washington – “Leroy and Lanisha”

One of those songs that sounds like it was written eons ago. Ranging from that sweet nostalgic Vince Guaraldi piano part to howls from the depths of eternity. Old school ethos with a new school palette makes for a timeless hit.

The Routine is a five-piece rock collective that defies categorization in today’s genre-driven media cloud. A sonic melting pot of electric blues, soul and world styling, they are not simply a band—and they are anything but “routine”. Together, this kindred fraternity of musicianship shatters the mold of conventional, over-produced and underwhelming music with their own brand of Rock ‘N’ Soul. Never complacent with the status quo, they are an ever-evolving conglomerate poised to please music lovers from all walks of life.

To hear more from The Routine, you can click here. To see the band live, you can buy concert tickets here

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