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PLAYLIST: Best In Show

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unconscious-disturbance-jpgWhen it comes to music, a well-produced track is going to grab your attention. If it sounds like you recorded your entire album through a potato, on most occasions, it won’t be received in the best way. There are few bands who have mastered the level and quality of production that can be called almost perfect and rock foursome Unconscious Disturbance have put together a list of 10 songs that showcase this.

You can check out the playlist in it’s entirety after the jump!

Pink Floyd – “The Great Gig in the Sky”
(Album: Dark Side of the Moon)

Flawless engineering with beautiful and pure analog sound. This album is a milestone for music production.

Tool – “Schism”
(Album: Lateralus)

Beautiful combination of bass and drum sounds. Not to mention that the level of execution from all band members is impeccable.

Rage Against the Machine – “Guerilla Radio”
(Album: The Battle of Los Angeles)

Just sounds huge. Tom Morello’s guitar tones always blow us away! Zach’s delivery in the studio makes it seem like he’s in your face too.

System of a Down – “BYOB”
(Album: Mesmerize)

The sound of modern perfection. There’s not a note on that album that could be more perfect. Amazing vocal production and delivery with strong harmonies and overall clean but powerful sound.

Muse – “Psycho”
(Album: Drones)

Muse always sounds gigantic. Great production subtleties, especially at the end of the song where the vocals blend into the guitar. Pretty incredible!

The Mars Volta – “Tetragrammaton”
(Album: Amputechture)

Omar Rodriguez Lopes kills it in this track with his playing and crazy production and panning on the guitars. All the musicians are amazing. The song is a trip, but when you have guitars and vocals flying all over the spectrum, it takes it to a new level.

Metallica – “Sad But True”
(Album: Black Album)

Just a classic example of huge sounding production that marked an amazing transition in Metallica’s career. The drums sound like they can be heard across the whole world.

Royal Blood – “Out of the Black”
(Album: Royal Blood)

Aside from the great songwriting, this track has a vocal sound that blends flawlessly into the band, and the drums particularly sound big and in your face.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Funky Monks”
(Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik)

One of our favorite Rick Rubin productions. The opening slap-guitar riff sounds perfect and the instrumentation is just so clean and well delivered by the band.

Radiohead – “Paranoid Android”
(Album: OK Computer)

The vocal layering in that middle section/bridge are incredible. What a trip!

Since their first release in 2014, Unconscious Disturbance, comprised of Kiko Freiberg (guitar/vocals), Daniel Freiberg (drums/vocals), Tim Haggerty (guitar) and Danny Dahan (bass), have played over 100 shows across the United States, Canada and Brazil, the home country of founding members and brothers Daniel and Kiko. The four-piece recently headlined Palco do Rock, one of Brazil’s largest independent rock festivals and were also featured at Brazil’s Porão do Rock, sharing the stage with Muse and Suicidal Tendencies. Red Bull Music remarked that, “UD plays an experimental kind of rock with exquisite and impeccable arrangement. The band’s professionalism on stage is pleasing to watch.”

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