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PLAYLIST: Growing Up Ari (Ariella)

Hey! My name is Ariella Laichas-Malamud. I have been with Infectious since April and have loved every minute of it. I went through many stages of what I wanted to be when I grew up, but usually writing was involved. Music journalism just seems to fit. I have loved music ever since I can remember. My parents started me on Woody Guthrie and Peter, Paul & Mary before I was even old enough to talk.

My music tastes change every day, but my favorite band will always be The Script. I have a history with their music and that will never change. I listen to pretty much every genre from a bit of country to rap to rock and roll. Most of the music I listen to on a regular basis though is alternative rock or indie turned pop.

I am currently living in the North West. I am majoring in English and minoring in Music. I have about 140 unfinished songs in 3 song journals. Even though I’m a writer, singing will always be my passion.

Here are some artists and songs that have influenced me throughout my life. Hope you enjoy my growing up playlist!

1.Blowing in the Wind—Peter Paul & Mary

Until I was about 10 I only listened to folk music. It was what my parents grew up on and what they taught me. No matter how old I get I will always have a special place in my heart for this.

2. Across the Universe—The Beatles

The Beatles were also a huge part of my childhood. My father and I always thought we knew the words to the sanscrit part, but when we found out we didn’t have any of it right we were so disappointed.

3. Route 66—Nat King Cole

I am a HUGE jazz fan, another thing taken from my father. My parents and I took a road trip on Route 66 We wanted to see how far we could go on the Route, turns out, not very. We only got from Santa Monica to San Bernardino. Unforgettable trip though!

4. Draft Dodger Rag—Phil Ochs

My mother listened to political music constantly when I was younger. Phil Ochs is probably one of her favorite artists. When I went to sleep away camp for the first time this was one of the songs we sang. It’s a labor Zionist Jewish youth movement and my mom’s family has been part of it for 4 generations.

5. Brick by Boring Brick — Paramore

Paramore was the first band I listened to on my own. I listened to “Crush Crush Crush” for probably a week straight. When I discovered “Brick by Boring Brick” I couldn’t stop singing it. I will always consider this my introduction to modern music.

6. 15 Steps—Radiohead

For some reason I find Radiohead hard not to like. It’s different than everything else I listen to, but it’s somehow catchy anyways.

7.Transpose—Bad Suns

So first off, this performance is in Portland, OR last year. I saw them perform that night, but it wasn’t my first time. I was part of the same friend circle as these boys way back in 2010. It’s so crazy seeing people you knew become so big. I am beyond proud of them.

8.The Man Who Can’t Be Moved—The Script

As I said, The Script holds special significance in my life. Two of my friends met at their show five years ago and got married earlier this year. The band has come to symbolize true love for me.

9.You Need Me, I Don’t Need You—Ed Sheeran

I learned about Ed when he did a twit-cam in 2012. He was barely known in the states yet and I felt that he was my little secret. When I heard this version of “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,” I made it my mission to memorize it, in tempo, by the end of the summer. I can confidently say that by August 2012 I was able to rap this song, pretty successfully too I might add.

10. National Anthem — Lana Del Rey

I did a road trip with my parents to get up to college for my freshman year. While I was in Berkley, CA my friend told me I HAD to listen to “National Anthem.” Once I did, I became immediately obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I went directly to Amoeba and Rasputin and bought both her albums. For the rest of the drive up all we listened to were Born to Die and Paradise. Lana will always remind me of starting college.


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Ariella Laichas-Malamud

Co-editor of this fine publication and loving every minute of it. Music is my life as seen by all of my usernames. When I'm not doing music, I'm watching netflix or talking about poetry. Native to sunny city by the beach, English major in one of the rainiest cities on earth.

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