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PLAYLIST: Let’s Get Physical – Summer Workout

let's get physical playlist imageSpring has sprung, and now we all must worry about looking fabulous in our summer swimwear. Unfortunately, to look as fabulous as we have in mind, we’re going to have to hit the gym. I know, the thought terrifies me just as much as the next person. But we will get through this together!

One surefire way to make the gym less excruciating is having a killer playlist accompany you. We have compiled a list of 10 songs that are sure to get you sweating and energized! Check out each song below or you can check out the playlist in its entirety here.

1. Bon Jovi – “You Give Love A Bad Name”

If you understand why this is the first song on a playlist that gets you pumped, literally and metaphorically, then we can be best friends. If the reference evades you, you need to go watch some episodes of How I Met Your Mother. There’s nothing more energetic, in my opinion, than 80s rock, and this song is guaranteed to put you in a ready-to-go mood when working out. Just try to avoid singing at the top of your lungs with your earbuds in. People may stare.

2. Family Force 5 – “BZRK”

I could have easily included any Family Force 5 song in this playlist because each video they release is basically a short workout routine. But this song and video take the cake on workout intensity. What makes it even more awesome is that when they do this song at their shows, it’s just a live performance of this music video, minus them destroying an entire room. The guys jump on trampolines the whole performance, and lead singer Crouton never once looks out of breath. An impressive feat indeed.

3. WALK THE MOON – “Work This Body”

What I love about this song is, while listening to it, you will not only strengthen your body, but your mind as well. They throw in some lyrics in French after each chorus and in the bridge as well. Time to freshen up on that high school French you learned your senior year!

4. Zedd feat. Selena Gomez – “I Want You To Know”

There’s something about electronic music that just gets people moving, and when you see how amazing Selena looks throughout this video, you’ll want to hit the gym immediately!

5. OK Go – “Here It Goes Again”

This entire video is done in one take on treadmills! We all need to bow down to OK Go and step up our workout game!

6. Artist Vs. Poet – “Runaway”

What’s more motivating to run than to have Bigfoot chase you? Not much that I can think of. And if we’re being honest here, the only thing that would motivate this girl to get into a strict workout routine, other than Bigfoot, is definitely Tarcy Thomason circa 2009 all decked out in Glamour Kills clothes and sweatbands.

7. Tegan and Sara – “Closer”

We all need something fun to listen to while getting our fitness on, and I can’t think of a funner group of people than Tegan and Sara. This video is one giant karaoke party and there’s no reason why you can’t bring that kind of fun and energy with you to the gym.

8. Fergie – “Fergalicious”

Deny it all you want, but when this song came out, we all described ourselves as “Fergalicious” at one time or another. Don’t let all the candy and sweets in this video distract you from your ultimate goal – becoming Fergalicous! Just because Fergie could probably eat all those goodies and not gain a pound, you can’t! Now drop that lollipop and get on that stationary bike!

9. Marianas Trench – “Stutter”

One excellent workout, for those of you who aren’t into touching all that sweaty gym equipment, is dancing! “Stutter” includes a killer dance routine that is set to a catchy 20s vibe tune! And if the boys of Marianas Trench could learn the moves, there’s no excuse why you can’t.

10. Knox Hamilton – “Work It Out”

Every workout concludes with a cool down. This song has just the right amount of softness to be the perfect background noise for your post-workout yoga stances. Plus, the epicness that is Boots Copeland’s lush beard will put you in a state of tranquility and accomplishment.


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