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PLAYLIST: Social Repose Tour Mix

Social ReposeSocial Repose is currently on the Yalta Tour in support of his recently released album of the same name. But while out on tour, there is some down time for artists to listen to their favorite tracks. So we asked Social Repose what we’d likely find on his tour playlist, and this is what he came up with!

To catch Social Repose on tour buy tickets here and check the tour dates after the playlist!

“Most of the music I listen to in my free time is sad, introspective, and broody. That’s how I roll. After all, it’s the Yalta tour (Yalta is a sad record, har har).

Stars – “Look Up”

Possibly one of my favorites on here. It’s by an indie rock band called Stars. Something about the sweeping chorus and orchestral samples has made it a favorite over the years.

deadmau5 – “Strobe”

I always found that a lot of deadmau5 tracks are really good for long drives. Mainly because the actual songs are really long. deadmau5 is more known for his melodic structure and less for the cliche EDM drops. Anyway, “Strobe” is one of my favorites from him.

Daughter – “Smother”

Possibly the broodiest track on this list. Daughter is a cute indie rock trio that sings about being alone. Or being afraid of smothering their partner. Not literally, of course…

Imogen Heap – “You Know Where to Find Me”

Imogen is my favorite artist on this list. She produces everything herself and does an incredible job with the ambiance in her music. Perfect to fit the western scenery.

Imogen Heap – “Canvas”

I had to put two of her songs on this list. Simply because one song doesn’t do her justice. This one is a clever 3/4 rhythm and shows off what she’s all about.

Now, Now – “Prehistoric”

I found this band while surfing through YouTube last year. I think the reason I like this song so much is because it reminds me of when I met my current girlfriend. I also have a thing for female singers.

Bring Me the Horizon – “Don’t Go”

I’m sure everyone has heard this one. One of the most biting and poignant tracks I’ve heard from BMTH and it’s off my favorite album of theirs. It also has a quick feature from Lights on the tail end.

Owl City – “Meteor Shower”

For some reason this track has stuck with me since I got into electronic music even though it’s kinda a quick 2-minute filler track on Ocean Eyes. The instrumentals get me every time.

Modest Mouse – “Cowboy Dan”

Arguably the band’s best track. The bridge of this song was one of the first riffs I learned how to play. It has a little more of an aggressive vibe compared to the other tracks on this list, but I couldn’t name my favorites songs without a Modest Mouse track.

Death Cab For Cutie – “Transatlantisism”

And finally, to close out the playlist, the finale song to end all finale songs. I want this song played at my funeral. I’m not even kidding.”

Listen to the full YouTube playlist here!


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