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PLAYLIST: Summer Love

summer love playlistThere are two things that scream summer to me: pop music and short-lived romances. We’ve compiled a list of songs to jam out to this summer while you’re falling in and out of love.

You can listen to the entire playlist here or check out each individual song below.



Mayday Parade – “Kids in Love”

This song perfectly chronicles a summer love. It is a wild adventure of discovering new love and losing it at the end of summer.

Boys Like Girls – “Thunder”

“Thunder” is one of those songs that everyone knows by heart and everyone feels like they can relate to. While this is definitely a song about love lost, its content is filled with words and phrases that most people would love to hear one day.

Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue”

What summer playlist would be complete without “Ocean Avenue?” Regardless of relationship status, this is pretty much everyone’s go-to summer jam. The second that guitar intro kicks in, you are in full summer mode. You’re lying if you say you don’t sing this at the top of your lungs whenever it plays.

Sing It Loud – “Sugar Sweet”

This has always been one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands. It’s hard to not think of summer when listening to “Sing It Loud”, which is crazy seeing as they are from Minnesota, and one doesn’t necessarily associate that state with summer. Plus this video is one giant beach party.

This Century – “Bleach Blonde”

This song has such a great island-y feel to it. I love the reminiscing of a first love that goes on as well. Every little detail about this girl is being accounted for, but not in a pathetic way. You know he loves this girl and he’s desperate for her, but it’s stated in such an elegant and mature fashion.

The Summer Set – “Lightning In A Bottle”

They have “summer” in their name! Of course they’re on this playlist. TSS is another band that just exudes summer. “Lightning In A Bottle” is just plain fun and it captures just how fun a summer love can be. You can’t help but dance to this song.

All Time Low – “The Beach”

When I was a teenager, I never really associated this song with summer love, but rather being rebellious and always living that beach life. Growing up in Florida, it’s not very difficult to maintain a beach mentality. But as I got older, I realized I wasn’t wrong about it being a song of rebellion. However, that rebellion was towards a summer love and never forgetting that summer.

Paradise Fears – “Call Me Maybe”

I know, I know, this is such a predictable choice, but hear me out. This song is catchy as hell, and epitomizes summer love. Plus, everyone on Earth LOVES this song, especially guys. (What’s up with that??) But, if you haven’t heard Paradise Fears’ version, you are severely missing out. They are the kings of covers. Lead vocalist, Sam Miller, is a genius with his voice, and the arrangements they come up with are mind blowing. And this is a perfect example of their talents.

The Maine – “Count’em One, Two, Three”

This is a song of summer love that is bound to last. It’s super cute, and there is nothing more adorable than a man telling his girlfriend she looks cute when she’s mad. But it also doesn’t hurt that that particular man is John O’Callaghan.

A Rocket To The Moon – “First Kiss”

Whenever I listen to this song, it makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. You can feel the nervousness and the excitement that’s being portrayed. Nick Santino does a fantastic job of conveying these emotions. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking and exciting than a first kiss, and summertime is filled with countless first kisses.

The Fray – “48 To Go”

There’s no better way to get to know someone than to take a cross-country roadtrip with them in the summer. What I love about this song is the phrase “48 to go” has two meanings. The first is the number of states left to see. The second is referring to a time period of 50 years. This couple has been together two years, and they have 48 left to see where they will be in half a century. This song is perfect for any time of the year, but especially perfect for summer.

The Ready Set – “Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever)”

How can I not include this song? It’s the “Best Song Ever”. While it doesn’t directly reference summertime, it has a very summer-y feel. It’s about soaking in every ounce of someone you care about while they are fully entranced in something they absolutely love. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the person you love lost in a song and letting it take them over completely, and this song shows how happy someone can be over another’s happiness.

Sparks The Rescue – “I Swear That She’s The One”

Summer love can be confusing, and I think this song captures that perfectly. Sparks The Rescue doesn’t have many songs that talk of love going well, but this song is probably the closest they have. Even though this girl has attributes that completely crush this man, he still thinks she’s the one.

We The Kings – “Summer Love”

I think this one kind of speaks for itself. 🙂

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