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PLAYLIST: The Qemists

The QemistsSo, here’s our playlist. This list is compromised of songs/bands that have inspired us both collectively, and individually. Some of these songs represent a source of inspiration early on in the life of The Qemists, and others we have recently experience live on tour which have served only to re-ignite the fires of inspiration.

We hope you enjoy them all as much as we do. One Love!!

NightBreed – “Pack Of Wolves”

Possibly the first time I really heard rock mixed with drum n bass, and oh my word what a mix it made! It paved the way for new genres and proved that drum n bass had a lot more to offer and a lot further to go. – Dan Arnold

Bring Me The Horizon – “Doomed”

Bring Me have always had my ear and been a big influence. This track really grabbed my attention for it’s inventive use of production and electronics. Couple this with a fantastically bitter sweet chorus and you have a band that is nailing their sound and pushing things ever forward! – Liam Black

Crossfaith – “Devil’s Party”

Both on stage and on record, these guys blow you away with their energy! Getting to know them as great people, has only further fueled my love for what they do. – Olly Simmons

Enter Shikari – “Sorry You’re Not A Winner”

Shikari themselves have been a big influence on our music and this track has really stood the test of time! – Leon Harris

Enter Shikari – “Anaesthetist”

I know Shikari have been included twice, but it’s only because they are that good. Obviously being an mc I appreciate the lyricism in this song, but more than that I appreciate the honest and socially conscious energy, something which is maintained throughout the album. We see too many people compromise their message for the music, a message in the music is the only way to talk and Enter Shikari are speaking loudly.  In their own words “fetch the anaesthetist I wanna go under the knife I believe in this.” – Bruno Balanta

The Qemists – Dan Arnold, Bruno Balanta, Liam Black, Leon Harris and Olly Simmons – are a real live tour de force. Proof of this has been seen on recent tours with Korn and Enter Shikari, one off shows with the likes of Skindred, and stand-out festival performances at Download, Breakout, and Butserfest. The band just unleashed their latest album, Warrior Sound, which binds their respective influences and styles together naturally into one progressively cohesive and solid sound. In short, The Qemists have finally arrived.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here. The Qemists are gearing up for a summer-full of shows. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here

Stay connected to The Qemists by following them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website


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