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PREMIERE: Get Along “Death of a Spirit Animal” Music Video

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infectious magazine get alongColorado-based indie duo Get Along released a new music video for their single “Death of a Spirit Animal.”

The song itself has a mellow quality to it. While is has no clear verse or choral arrangement, it does have several hooks. “Help me, help me, I’m so uncreative!” vocalist Cara Yañez’s shouts. Her electric ukelele and organ skills paired with Nicholas Yañez’s precise drums help give the emotionally heavy song a little less weight. The music video brings forth an invigorating, yet unsettling sense energy.  The band are inspired by everything from wayward fanatics to dramatic realities, so it’s really no surprise the band released such a unique video.

So the story goes like this: the two protagonists make friends with a “Spirit Animal” (Who looks like a fictitious version of the Big Bad Wolf) and manage to gain his trust. Hand in hand, they lead the animal into the woods as a ghostly voice tells us that the wolf has departed and that “purity remains.” They then go on and do the unthinkable.

The songs sees Get Along reminiscing on the moment that comes with realizing you’re not the person you thought you once were. It sees them tearing apart the monsters inside them to unearth something new.

The duo have been creating soulful, bizarre, and intrinsically explosive music since 2012. Nicholas and Cara’s story began when they met in high school through mutual friends and a shared passion for music. They soon realized that they were destined to work together.

“Death of a Spirit Animal” marks the duo’s first single off their upcoming EP. To hear more from Get Along, you can buy concert tickets here when they become available.

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