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PREMIERE: K-Bust “Love Is A Battlefield” (Cover)

Today Infectious is proud to partner with Montreal electro-pop sensation K-Bust for the premiere of her cover “Love Is A Battlefield,” the second single off her forthcoming album, Fearless.

“Love Is A Battlefield” is one of those songs that’s been introduced into your playlist by the influence of a family member who spent a big part of her/his youth in the 80’s,” starts K-Bust. “That family member happens to be my mother.

It soon became one of my favorites. I think what I love most about it is its melody; it’s true ear candy. Even though I love Pat Benatar’s version, I wanted to add a darker ingredient—my own lyrics seem darker, deeper and sadder than how the original song portrays them. A battle could be really hurtful for one of the opponents and in this case, it’s a scenario where the strength of love in a relationship is being put to the test.”

This is undeniably true. K-Bust’s more electronic, pop-centric version of the hit oozes a much darker, haunting vibe than the original, and it’s done in a way that pays homage to the classic while creating a completely new song. There are layers upon layers of depth here, from the slowed down tempo, to Kay’s smooth vocals laced with traces of her accent—making it the kind of song that’s impossible to put down.

K-Bust continues, “My producer and I wanted to shape the music around these lyrics, in a way that reflects our personal connection to the song; a more intimate and symphonic version of it, musically emulating the desolation of a battlefield after a fight has taken place. Getting my main inspiration for the strings and percussions from classical music, we wanted to deliver a more epic rendition of it.”

I can’t argue with that—this song is epic in its own way, and a must listen. Check it out below and listen to her first single “Over” here.

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