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PREMIERE: Rob Jamner “Never Again”

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Today we have the premiere of Bay Area Rob Jamner‘s new track “Never Again”, a moving call to action surrounding the United States’ current rejection of refugees and asylum seekers. Coming from a deeply personal place—Jamner is the grandchild of two Holocaust survivors—this compelling lyric video was created with the goal of bringing to light the disturbing similarities between today’s trends of xenophobia and isolationism, and the popular attitudes of the 1930s and 1940s.

“Many Americans are afraid that refugees will steal jobs, and that there are spies among them, and this fear leads to policies that turn refugees away, sentencing them to hardship and even death,” explains Rob Jamner.

“When we talk about the Holocaust, we console ourselves with the phrase, “Never Again.” But as I’ve grown up, I’ve seen refugees escape war and genocide, only to be refused entry into the United States. As Nicolas Kristof said in the New York Times, “Today, to our shame, Anne Frank is a Syrian girl.” If this song resonates with you, join me in taking action. Vote for candidates in the midterm elections who support the rights of refugees. Get involved in local activism. Donate to organizations that work with refugees, like the one linked below. Together, we can make our voices heard.”

Speaking about the decision to create a lyric video for “Never Again”, rather than a traditional video Rob said:

“I decided to make a simple lyric video for “Never Again,” because I wanted the lyrics to speak for themselves. I used my own handwriting for a personal touch. The white letters on a black background felt more powerful to me than any music video that I could imagine.”

We’re thrilled to be premiering such a heartfelt, powerful track.

All proceeds from “Never Again” will go to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

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