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PRODUCT REVIEW: The Music Box – January

the music box featHappy 2015, everyone! I hope the first month of this brand new year has been kind to each and every single one of you!

2015 is guaranteed to be filled with lots and lots of new tunes, and so far, thanks to The Music Boxmy year is already off to a great start! Check out all the goodies I got this month after the jump.

Also, be sure to check out each one of the bands I mention, and head over to Facebook to give them each a “Like.”

If you are interested in subscribing to The Music Box, you have a few options. First is The Box. For $10 per month you will receive two to four CD’s, along with other goodies such as wristbands, stickers, autographs, or t-shirts. Your second option is The Envelope. For $5 per month, you will be sent a 15-20 song compilation CD. Finally, for $13 per month, you can receive The Bundle, which is both The Box and The Envelope. To learn more and subscribe to any of these options, click here.

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This month I received:

1 pair of Gumy headphones by JVC – I have always been a fan of these particular headphones, and used this exact brand up until Apple came out with their amazing headphones with the iPhone 5. These headphones are available at all major retailers, but I always purchased mine from good ol’ WalMart. They are high-quality in both sound and durability. The cost averages right around $10.

Ashley JordanAshley Jordan Music sticker – Jordan is a country artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Now, I am not a fan of country music, and usually don’t voluntarily listen to the genre. But for the sake of you all, I listened to her. She definitely falls into the typical country artist mold. Her voice is quite soulful, though. I can’t exactly pinpoint who she is reminiscent of, but if I had to choose someone, I’d say she sounds similar to Miranda Lambert. Check it out for yourself here.





rival knivesRival Knives sticker and info card – Rival Knives is a punk/hardcore band from Cleveland, Ohio. They are currently unsigned, and released their first album, Blood City, under this moniker in March 2014. For the genre they fall under, they have a very clean, yet intense sound. Their song “Buddy” appears on the Louder Fest sampler, along with Them Bastards, Worship This!, All Dinosaurs, and others.





of mud and mireAutographed Of Mud and Mire To The One Who Lifted Me Out… album – Of Mud and Mire are a three piece light rock/folk band from El Dorado Springs, Missouri. Their material is very Christian based, but with that being said, they’re voices are incredible and the harmonies are very much on point.




h&souldHeart & Soul Radio Thieves download card – Heart & Soul Radio is an alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado. Their music is fun and full of energy, with a touch of early Blink-182. Plus, they have some pretty catchy song titles (i.e. “The Walking Dead” (Not The Award Winning TV Series)” and “Ain’t No Life Like The Low Life”)




cooler than kanye skyway trafficSkyway Traffic Cooler Than Kanye EP – Skyway Traffic is the stage name of Detroit, Michigan pop rocker Erik Maier. I already knew before listening this album that I was going to love him! There’s nothing I enjoy more than people proclaiming to be something better than Kanye West. His songs remind me of Friday Night Boys stuff, just a bit poppier. If you’re looking for fun and solid songwriting and performance, check out Skyway Traffic right now!




the truce initiativeGlow in the dark wristband and info sheet for The Truce Initiative – The Truce Initiative is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing concert tickets to teens and young adults at risk for suicide and self-harm. How awesome is that?! Their belief is “Music is medicine,” and I couldn’t agree more. We all know the healing powers that music possesses, and this organization is using that knowledge to help those who need it the most.


The Music Envelope: Compilation CD Volume 3

Click here to listen to some of the songs from the CD and click the band’s name to be taken to their Facebook page.

  1. “Buried In The Static” – Lost In A Name 
  2. “Empires” – The Assembly Line 
  3. “Breathing Again” – Bittersweet Machines 
  4. “Beautiful Eyes” – Epic Season
  5. “American Puppet Show” – Skytown
  6. “Black & White” – Oversight
  7. “Lies Before Truths” – The Capital
  8. “Avert To Apathy” – Lost In A Name
  9. “Back To Hell” – Almost Alien
  10. “Awake” – Stealing Heather
  11. “Keep Warm” – Epic Season
  12. “Is It Enough?” – Bittersweet Machines
  13. “The Story” – The Captial
  14. “Blackbirds” – Skytown
  15. “Far From Gone” – Oversight
  16. “Conspiracy” – Stealing Heather
  17. “Hourglass” – Radioactive Red
  18. “Belly Of The Whale” – Skytown
  19. “Can’t See You” – Stealing Heather
  20. “Tonight (There’s Only Us)”- The Assembly Line
  21. “Sever The Ties” – Lost In A Name
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