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Record Store Day 2014 : Best Releases

Record Store DayWipe off the dust from the record player as April creeps into its third week, commencing the seventh annual Record Store Day—a tradition that started in New York and has since ballooned into an international bonanza that celebrates independent music stores with heaps of exclusive record releases and deals.

Now, in its biggest year yet, Record Store Day is confirmed to host more than 600 vinyl and CD releases in 2014. Here’s a list of five must have exclusive releases to snatch at the store during this year’s festivities on April 19.

1. Circa Survive / Sunny Day Real Estate- Split 7”

In Circa Survive’s 10-year-long career, the Philadelphia progressive rockers have definitely built up enough support to stand alone in any musical endeavor. But with this split 7”, it’s the b-side “Lipton Witch” that is generating most of the blog buzz. Why? Because it’s the first recorded and released track by Sunny Day Real Estate since the group’s 2000 indie-rock masterpiece LP, The Rising Tide.

Quantity: 2500 Format: 7” vinyl

2. Green Day—Demolicious


America’s punk darlings might have recently announced a hiatus, but Green Day still found a way to continue its longstanding support for Record Store Day. This year the trio will release 18 demo tracks, including a previously unreleased song “State of Shock”, as part of a special release album called Demolicious. With all of the songs coming from the group’s recording sessions for its 2012 triology LP series ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! And ¡Tré!, perhaps this track purge can mark a new beginning for Green Day when they return.

3. LCD Soundsystem—The Long Goodbye

Fans may still ache from LCD Soundsystem’s decision to disband, but no one can cry that the dance-rhythm masters didn’t provide any closure or condolences. After pumping out some of the musically decadent and groundbreaking tracks of the 21st century, the New York natives concluded its decade long run with a near four-hour farewell show at the Madison Square Garden. Now, just over three years since the group’s legendary final performance, Warner Brothers will release the complete, unabridged recordings of what has been described as NYC’s “most joyous funeral”.

4. Paramore – Ain’t It Fun

Tennessee alternative-rockers Paramore offer up this tasty vinyl remix of its power-pop single “Ain’t It Fun”, from the group’s self-titled 2013 studio album. But don’t expect this 12” to be a clean cut—especially in shape. Inspired by the group’s music video, which shows the trio breaking the world record for “Most Vinyl Records Broken In a Minute,” the single will be served up on what appears to be a “smashed” vinyl. Keep us posted on how this one plays (or not).

Quantity: 2700 Format: 12” vinyl (custom-shaped “broken” record)

5. The Cure/ Dinosaur Jr.’s Side By Side Series

In the latest edition of Warner Brothers’ Side by Side series, which brings together classic tunes with modern revivals, Dinosaur Jr. takes a spin at The Cure’s 1987 hits, “Just Like Heaven.” Featured as the b-side, Dinosaur Jr. layer the track with its signature grunge guitar and lo-fi rock progressions to create a cover that might just be as timeless as the original.

Quantity: 5000 Format: 7” Vinyl







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