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REVIEW: Among Giants/Aspiga Split

71449_615338618493456_883426851_nOrlando rock outfit Among Giants recently collaborated with Aspiga, to create a split EP, with each band claiming two tracks on the release. It is an interesting collaboration, as both bands are quite different. Among Giants take the last two tracks, with the first  being “In The Jungle.” The interesting, organic guitar work draws the listener in right away. What is also striking about the track is the vocal delivery. Its pace and clarity is almost reminiscent of Johnny Cash: rather than sensitive, polished crooning, a story is told with a unique tone. The words are clear, allowing the listener to pay attention closely. The words are profoundly delivered and it is easy to see the vocals come from the heart.

The passionate vocals continue on Among Giants’ second track, “I Care About Everyone I Meet.” The emotion rises even higher in this song, and the delivery is even more heartfelt. Rather than a narrative feel, however, the piece is driven by more energetic guitars and captivating vocals. The vocals do sound the same, but there is a sense of urgency in this track. You are implored to hear the lyrics and gang vocals enhance the work’s anthemic feel. It is a celebration, an anthem, a message.

Among Giants have established themselves as an earnest and interesting act on this release. Though the songs are quick, they make a point. The messages are clear, and delivered in a memorable and unique manner the listener is unlikely to forget. Among Giants pack an impressive punch in their short time on the release. Together, the bands offer unique, heartfelt music that proves a song does not need to be completely polished to make a strong point.

You can purchase a vinyl here, and buy concert tickets for Among Giants here and Aspiga here.

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