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REVIEW: Boston Calling May 25, 2013

Boston CallingBoston Calling. The city’s first major music festival of its kind, boasting major talent from fun to The National, Of Monsters & Men, Matt & Kim, Marina and the Diamonds and many more—including Boston’s own Bad Rabbits.

After months of anticipation we’re finally here, the line to get into the festival wraps around City Hall Plaza, proving that although a rainy forecast is less than ideal, and we’re seeing more ponchos than sunscreen, this is Boston, and we love music… and have umbrellas.

Despite Saturday’s inclement weather, the festival’s opening day is filled with the city’s most dedicated music lovers, and the moment those gates open for the first time, there is a stampede of action onto the grounds, as fans find their way to the front of the main stage. As I wander through the grounds taking note of shelter (not much, unfortunately) food (a delicious selection) and activities (a pretty cool photo booth courtesy of Jet Blue) I can’t help but smile at the incredible festival being offered in our little city.

Though it is tried and true favorites that I look forward to at the festival, I find myself most entranced by artists with whom I had been previously unacquainted.

Stumbling across Marina and the Diamonds as she soars through track after track, voice strong and live presence mesmerizing, I’m instantly love struck.  If Boston Calling can bring together some of the industry’s top talent, and introduce fans to not only old favorites but also new loves well, that’s impressive and admirable.

As teens, college kids and parents flock to the festival stages, ponchos keeping them dry, one thing is certain: only weeks after the marathon tragedy, Boston is resilient, beautiful, and wonderfully inspiring. And although Boston is notoriously known for loving their sports, this weekend has proven that we love more than that-we love our music. Better than that, music will continue to be the soundtrack to our victories, our heartache, our wins and our losses. And Boston will always be a city that I am lucky to call home.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

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