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REVIEW: Broke Royals – ‘The Luxury of Time Pt. II’

broke royalsThe scary thing about EPs is that they are a small shot to let listeners know who you are; a bit like the cover letter of your resume, if you will. For some bands, they truly shine, even with a limited amount of time to announce themselves to you; some, unfortunately, seem to crumble under the pressure.

With just five tracks, Broke Royals made a huge impact, and I won’t soon be forgetting their sound anytime soon.

From beginning to end, Broke Royals exemplify originality and utilize their talents to make pop music with a brain. “The Thick of It” kicks off the EP with a soft introduction, but builds into a steady song filled with poignant lyrics, and a bridge that brings everything together in an epiphany-like sweep that will stun even the most skeptical of listeners.

“Kill The Camera,” a very Imagine Dragons meets Death Cab For Cutie styled track, shows Bono how social commentary should be done: subtly…and preferably with an upbeat sound. I love the contrast between the upbeat music and the lyrics that are acting as a commentary on the fact that we all, me included, live behind our cameras. We’re so busy rushing to take pictures of the moment, that we miss it. Broke Royals have managed to make a societal commentary without it being obnoxious, in-your-face, or harsh. In fact, the track is just a perfect summer tune, and an instant classic! This is not the only song where the lyrics are surprisingly strong; the entirety of the EP is a perfect example of how skilled Broke Royals are at working words. Tracks like “This Time,” which closes out The Luxury of Time Pt. II with a bang are just amazing. All I can say is wow. “If you need love, go find love, but don’t drag me down this whole,” the track tells me, painting the picture of an on-and-off-again relationship that’s finally over for the last time. The beats are incredible, and it’s got such an amazing vibe to it. I’d love to see this live, because I’m sure it would be amazing.

Both “This Time” and “September” have moments reminiscent of a marching band, and both happen to be personal favorites on the EP, just due to their sheer versatility. However, if there’s one moment you HAVE to hear from this EP, it is the electric guitar in the bridge of “Romania.” It’s a stunning surprise that brings the efforts of the song into fruition and make the poetic, clever lyrics stand out.

I cannot rave any less about Broke Royals’ The Luxury of Time Pt. II. It truly is a fabulous EP that has a little bit of something for everyone. Before you know it, Broke Royals will be a household name. I’m sure of it.

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The Luxury of Time, Pt. II will be out on August 7th.

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