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REVIEW: Emo Night Brooklyn

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emo night smallEmo is in the midst of a Renaissance. Blink-182 released their first new music in five years. My Chemical Romance has hinted at re-releasing “Welcome to the Black Parade,” despite their breakup in 2013. Young adults postulate that Suicide Squad will begin a new era of teens saying “rawr” and dying their new shades of neon, especially with the soundtrack tune from twenty one pilots, which some people consider to be the new “emo.”

But prior to this recent flurry of events, Emo Night Brooklyn was already ushering in the genre’s renewal.

“This is about going back to 2004 – when emo was the genre on the tip of everyone’s tongue – and partying your face off with people who remember it just as fondly as you do,” the event site proudly proclaims.

Friday’s sold-out show at Brooklyn’s The Bell House boasted organized chaos of a “scene” scene that refuses to let go the tunes that they grew up with. The night erupted with Brand New‘s “Seventy Times 7,” featuring the iconic diss “I’ve seen more spine in jellyfish,” a one-liner that’s been romping around tumblr ever since the site’s creation (the song dates back to 2001, pre-social media and a world of #aesthetic). Then its a emo landslide into the new Blink-182 material, which the crowd is just as well-versed in the new tunes as the classics.

Frenetic DJs spin the golden days of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, AFI, and Blood on the Dancefloor, all bands from the pinnacle moments of the genre. Sweat pours more frequently than alcohol as fans mosh and throb to songs that might be a decade old, but remain fresh in their memories. “What’s My Age Again” – a track that references being 23 – never seemed so poignant.

The event’s success and following has expanded beyond Brooklyn – shows in Las Vegas, Tampa, and Ashbury Park. So if you miss belting out Panic! At the Disco but aren’t a New Yorker, fret not;

You can purchase tickets to Emo Night Brooklyn here.

Brooklyn. We ❤️ You. #EmoNightBK

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Victoria Wasylak

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