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REVIEW – Glamour Kills Spring Break 2015 Feat. Set It Off

IMG_4059aOn St. Patrick’s Day, you would probably never expect a concert to be sold out. Especially one that isn’t of a festive theme. This however was not the case for the Glamour Kills Spring Break tour. Fans were lined up hours before the doors opened, but much to their dismay, every posting about the time it started was incorrect. After over an hour of waiting, the doors finally opened and the show was on its way.

Despite the set back of the time issue, the energy was pretty high. Pub Rock isn’t the most all-ages friendly venue, but they definitely make it work with barricades and rearrangement of the tables. First up on the bill was a local band by the name of Never Let This Go. It seemed that they had a lot of fans in the audience, which is pretty awesome since they weren’t actually listed to perform. They had a short set, which would be the case for all of the acts, but left the stage with a handful of new fans.

Next was Roam, a five-piece punk band hailing from Eastbourne, United Kingdom. Relatively new to the music scene and first timers in America, their stage presence and performance was riveting. The second act was As It Is, another band from the UK.

They seemed to be one of the more popular bands that night, only making this assumption after frontman Patty Walters was being swooned over by fans while walking to the merch area. I had never heard of this band before, but after their first song I was aware of why they were so popular among the fans. They have a sound similar to The Summer Set, which appeals to a lot of different age groups. Patty’s ability to interact with the crowd and perform was amazing in itself, but the fact that fans love him like they do was a sight to see.

Against the Current was next to perform. The only think that I had heard of this band was their cover of “Uptown Funk.” I thought the voice of Chrissy had major similarities to Lynn Gunn of PVRIS and was excited to see her perform. Unfortunately, she was feeling under the weather and her voice, as she puts it “sounded like she was a 13-year old boy going through puberty.” Regardless of her vocal set back, I thought the performance was very good and I’m interested in where they will go with their music.

Finally, the show we were all waiting for. Set It Off is honestly one of the best performing band I have ever seen. Almost all of the members have had some sort of classical or theatrical music background, which lends a hand in their ability to get so into their craft. They sang songs off their new album Duality as well as from their older EP and debut album. Much like Against the Current, Set It Off also had a song on Punk Goes Pop. “Problems” by Ariana Grande was a fun song to watch them perform because, regardless of whether the fans knew their songs, they all knew this chart topper. Cody, as usual, climbed all around the crowd the entire show and even balanced on a metal barricade with the helping hands of his adoring fans making sure he didn’t fall.

The encore performance consisted of an acoustic mashup of two songs from separate albums: “Swan Song” from Cinematics and “Horrible Kids” from the album of the same title. The last song was the first sing off of their album Duality entitled “Why Worry”. It is an anthem for all ages and was the best way they could have ended the night.

The tour is continuing on for a few more weeks. You can buy a concert ticket here.

Purchase a CD here:
As It Is
Against the Current
Set It Off



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