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ALBUM REVIEW: Good English Self-Titled Debut

Good EnglishSome bonds are formed by being at the right place at the right time. In this case, the Rasmussen sisters just happened to born into the right family.

Ohio’s grunge-pop band, Good English, consists of sisters Elizabeth, Celia, and Leslie Rasmussen, who are gearing up to release their debut, self-titled album on March 11.

The trio have their own unique blend of grunge, garage-pop, and punk-influenced rock and roll that sounds like the lovechild of Nancy Sinatra and Black Sabbath. With their 80’s inspired rock n’ roll sound, intricate tempo changes, and catchy hooks, the band created everything a debut album should embody – passion, timelessness, and relateability.

“Carolina,” opens up the album, and with a quick drum build-up, powerful female-fronted melodies, and a strong rock n’ roll sound, it is evident that this is going to be one hell of an album. The track utilizes tempo and rhythm techniques to match the mood of the album, and set the tone for the entire release.

“Wanderer” is a slower ballad that serves as a stark comparison to the the band’s faced-paced rock jams. The haunting song welcomes lead vocalist, Elizabeth Rasmussen, and is an ode to being, and wanting, to be left alone. The track has this incredible momentum that creeps up out of nowhere, leaving listeners puzzled for a moment, before pushing them back into the swing of things.

“Cold Winds” sees the band experimenting with their sound, and is noticeably the most intricate song on the release, while single “Girl,” is a punchy, poignant track guaranteed to get crowds excited at shows across the nation.

The band couldn’t have picked a better time to release this album. With lyrics influenced by the ideas of strong and powerful female figures, the trio released a timeless album that falls perfectly in the middle of Women’s History Month. This is the album we have been waiting for. It is a driving, hook-filled album that hits that sweet spot between punk and 80s glam rock.

If there’s one thing the band refuse to do, it is settle. On this release, the trio did what they wanted, because it felt right. That can be a risky move, but in this case, it worked out.

In support of the new album, Good English will be heading out for an expansive national tour that includes a stop in Austin, Texas for South By Southwest on March 17 and 18. To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here, or buy concert tickets here.

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