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REVIEW: Long And Winding Roadshow

lwrsGrowing up in Arizona, the camaraderie of bands was something that was always prevalent. Be it the bands all knowing each other from school or just being considerate of each other’s musical goals, local shows were always a great place to be.

The unique thing about acoustic shows is that there can be a lack of energy or there can be an overwhelming amount of energy. The bands can’t rely on their loud sound to create an impact; it really rests on their ability to connect with the audience.

All of the bands on this tour, minus Brian Marquis, have lived in or currently reside in Arizona. This being their home show, it was bound to be a good time. Each of the performers were constantly getting calls on their phones and being surprised by family and friends. This particular venue has a bar with great prices and a good view of the stage as well. Everyone of the legal drinking age was hanging out in the bar and catching up with each other. While the music was great as usual, the energy in the bar was just magnetic.

After Brian Marquis opened up with his guitar and harmonica, The Technicolors were set to go next. This band is relatively new to the scene, but is sure to make an impression on music fans. If you have heard their music in its original format, you’ll know that their sound is a heavy mix of Brit-pop and a good time.

One thing I noticed throughout the entire show was that everyone was on stage with everyone at some point. Sean Silverman of This Century was on guitar for a few songs with Brennan and they did a few group songs with Austin Gibbs and Brian.

Once The Technicolors finished their set, Austin Gibbs was on next. Austin has a very folk- country feel, but still with a great rock vibe that someone can really jam to. Austin is such a firecracker on stage and you can tell he truly is an alluring individual. At the end of his set, a special appearance from The Triple Berry Carnival Band commenced. This “group” consists of basically everyone on the tour, singing a song entitled “Jessica”, originally sung by Austin himself. It was a silly performance, but it was just a bunch of guys jamming together and having fun.

This Century seemed to get the most crowd response when they took the stage. They have been around as a group for longer than the other bands, and have a really positive message in all of their song, so it wasn’t a surprise that more people knew their songs. They bumped up the energy a little more with Sean on an electric guitar for a few songs, but still kept to the raw feel of their songs.

One of the most distinctive pieces of This Century’s performance was the “beat building” Joel did. There was a secondary microphone set up just to the right of him that was attached to pedals. He would do a beat boxing type sound and hit the pedal. It would record it and then put it on a loop. He would layer this with sounds from a smaller keyboard as well as harmonic vocals. It was something I had never seen before and it just showed how vast Joel’s musical talent is.

Nick Santino was the last to perform, but the energy was far from dying on this late Wednesday night. Nick is multi-talented with being able to play the piano as well as his guitar. He switched back and forth between the two instruments, with Sean coming on stage to help him play along as well. Once the end of his set was nearing, he invited the rest of the group on stage to sing one last song together.

After a hefty round of applause from those at the stage and in the bar area, Sean started to play another song. It was the Triple Berry Carnival Band theme song! The boys traded off between singing and hollering and playing guitar and it was another aspect of their brotherly love that was evident.

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