REVIEW/PHOTOS: Car Seat Headrest

This last Friday, I had the chance to shoot for an interesting and very original indie rock band called Car Seat Headrest, from Leesburg, Virginia. They are on the Twin Fantasy 2nd Leg Tour with hard rock drum-led trio Naked Giants, all 3 members of which are also members of Car Seat Headrest.

They played a lot from their most recent album Twin Fantasy, which is actually a re-recorded album of Will Toledo’s previous solo album of the same name that was originally released in 2011, now with more a modern production value. That same album was where Will Toledo (vocalist and head songwriter) originally recorded the vocals for his album in the back seat of his car for privacy, which is the origin of their initially strange and random sounding band name.

A large portion of their songs go from heavy riffs and crashing drums with more intense vocals instantly to a soft and slow melodic style, sometimes still maintaining those heavier vocals, or vice versa. A lot of the time coming at very unpredictable times.

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a live band with such structurally unconfined styles, with songs ranging from a minute and a half to around sixteen minutes. If you enjoy experimental and soulful music, I’m sure you’d love these guys.


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