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REVIEW: Sidewalk Driver – ‘My Face’

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Without a shred of hesitance, Sidewalk Driver kicks off My Face (that sounds so violent…) with classic rock and roll style and edge, and amazing harmonics, using “Kidnapped” to set the tone for the entire album. At first, this track had me a little nervous about the mental sanity of our narrator (kidnapping someone to stage a rescue and have the victim fall for them), but as the track progresses, it becomes quite metaphorical, taking the idea of doing crazy things for love to a whole new level…Bonus points for the sweet guitar solo.


There were a few times I allowed myself to be deceived by the titles of the tracks (“Everybody Loves My Face” – I half expected to hear Ray Romano’s voice sampled on the track; “We’re Going Down” – made me want to sing Fall Out Boy lyrics so badly), but Sidewalk Driver won me over all on their own with their theatrics, and obvious classic rock influence. Reminiscent of The Darkness, the band showcases arena-worthy dramatics with a flare of stylish fun.

“Call My Name” is upbeat, fun, the vocals aren’t perfect overall, but they’re charming. That’s the best way to describe this song: endearing, charming. It’s the guy at the coffee shop who you think’s a bit weird, but he’s so charming, you can’t help but grin at his antics. With rhythmic clapping, and an amusing tone, this is a driving-until-you-get-lost kind of song. Speaking of charm, “Karaoke Guy (Monday Night)” sets the scene (literally), with a silly, entertaining originality that will put a music video in your head faster than you can say “Eddie Van Halen.”

The classic rock, bad ass vibe is strong on this album, especially on track alike “Five Steps” and “Because I Want You.” Yes, Sidewalk Drive appears to be the guy that every dad/grandfather/uncle ever warned you about: walking around with one thing on the brain. Thankfully, the band make that seem like a fun way to wander through the day, especially if you’re looking for a new break-up/rebound tune (“Rock Star”).

The instrumental versatility and quality on this album is outstanding, and my personal favorite, “So Close,” just showcases how talented the members of Sidewalk Drive really are. It comes as a surprise on the record, with beautiful, piano-driven melodies. It is tempting enough to hit the repeat button and leave it on all day. It also leads beautifully into the finale, “Ya Know,” which features impressive harmonics and soft instrumentals.

If you’re looking for the ultimate pleasant surprise, check out Sidewalk Driver’s My Face.

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