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REVIEW: Sinclair ‘Sweet Talk’

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Sweet Talk begins with the rhythmic, soulful, “Holla.” Sinclair’s vocal versatility and exploration throughout the track brings it to the next level of quality and sound that showcases the maturity of a seasoned artist; a startling realization when reminded that this is the singer’s debut EP.

“The World Is Ours” takes on a more electronic/dance style, utilizing poetic lines, smooth delivery, and a flare of indie-pop fun. Everything about the song is energetic, boppy, and optimistic. The more it plays, the more it is impossible to resist smiling. This is the song that you play when you’re trying to organize your house, but end up dancing around the living room with a hairbrush (…or feather duster, depending) instead. It’s the song that plays when you go for your run and even though your legs are dying, you find yourself smiling. The most incredible part is, it would appear Sinclair doesn’t even really have to try.

Maintaining her indie-electro-pop sound, “Sweet Talk” has a bittersweet vibe and an attitude that would make Ellie Goulding green with envy. Every line is catchy, delivered to perfection, and packs a punch that you definitely don’t want to be on the end of! It’s easy to hear that Sinclair is poised for success, with raw talent only further emphasized by irresistible beats.

As someone who is a bit of a sucker for slow song, “This Too Shall Pass” may be my favorite track on the EP. It’s strikingly vulnerable, feeling like a page from a diary that is being held over the fire, slowly consuming it. Each verse is rich; musically, lyrically, and emotionally. The overall quality of this one track has enough power in it to entrance listeners for hours on end. The song transitions almost seamlessly into the piano-driven “Heaven On Earth,” which already sounds like a hit (yes, I’m calling it right now). Sinclair paints a picture of a magical world, accompanied by such gorgeous instrumentation, it will send shivers down your spine. Everything about these last two tracks truly encompasses magic. 

Sweet Talk has an almost-cinematic characteristic that works beautifully to Sinclair’s advantage. This is not a debut, this is an explosion. There is a career here; a super-star in the making, and before even getting half-way through the EP, that was easy to see. I often wonder if people knew they would be making history when they were in the process of creating it; all those albums that are now deemed classics–did their creators have any idea the influence they would possess? Listening to this EP, I can’t help but wonder the same thing.

Sweet Talk is out NOW. For more on Sinclair, to purchase a CD, or buy concert tickets, please click HERE.

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