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REVIEW: We Are Scientists Feat. PAWS

unnamed-24-660x439With a small venue like The Rhythm Room, located in Phoenix, AZ and also daylights as a dive bar, fans can be merely inches away from the band and also enjoy an adult beverage before and after their performance.

PAWS, a punk garage band from Glasgow, Scotland, really brought the energy with their set. They played a handful of song from their recently released album, Youth Culture Forever, as well as from their larger catalog of songs. With their accents and funny British humor, Phillip Taylor (guitar,vocals), Josh Swinney (drums) and Ryan Drever (bass, vocals) really made an impact on the crowd. They even sold out of their album at the merch table.

It was the band’s first time ever to Phoenix, and much like every first timer, they commented on the heat. I think that interaction with the crowd is the number one way to get lifelong fans. I’ve been to a handful of concerts where there is little to no interaction from the band and the energy the demand is not met.

They finished their set with a lot of energy, but you could tell that the crowd was waiting for We Are Scientists. After a slight delay in setup, the band took the stage and started off with songs off of their older albums and continued on into their more recent hits.

The coolest thing about WAS is Keith Murray, the lead singer and guitar player, and his ability to use pedal effects to make the single guitar sound much more intricate. Between the “Cry Baby” pedal and the overdrive, vibration and echo effect pedals, the time and effort he put into orchestrating his songs were very apparent. The drummer, Andy Burrows, utilizes a sampling pads to play electronic fills behind their songs. After they made their way through the setlist, they brought Phillip on stage to assist in playing one of their tunes, “After Hours” on the guitar.

WAS told a story about how they met PAWS at a show in New York and, in my opinion, you could really tell that these guys want to be on tour with each other all the time. But I guess that could also be determined by the fact that they have been on four separate tours with each other since their initial meeting.

Their recent album TV EN FRANÇAIS was a two year project and has been a hit with fans since its release earlier this month. They have a total of five albums released. My favorite of their live songs though is off of their fourth album, Barbara, entitled “I Don’t Bite”.

Since they are a three piece band, they don’t necessarily have the biggest sound, but their ability to perform definitely brings their sound to a different level. Out of all of the live bands I have seen, I would have to say these two groups are in my top five favorite. Maybe it was the fact that I could practically touch them from where I was standing or their ability to make a whole room of strangers laugh, they stole my heart and have gained a new fan.


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