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Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse, Escape The Fate) Announces Free Rap Mixtape

Ronnie RadkeRonnie Radke of Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate fame has announced a rap mixtape that will be released around Christmastime. The mixtape will feature the vocal and lyrical talents of Radke as well as Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop, Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack, Escape the Fate’s Craig Mabbitt, and Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix.

Curious what Radke’s rap sound is like? Listen to his single “What Up Earth?” here as well as his single “The Fairweather Fans” here.

Read a statement from Radke after the jump. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets for Falling In Reverse here.

 “Well, I’m doing a mix tape right now with everybody on the scene that’s doing well. Danny [Worsnop] fromAsking Alexandria, Andy [Biersack] from Black Veil Brides is singing on it. It’s all rap, but they’re singing all the choruses on it. There’s Jacoby [Shaddix] from Papa Roach. There’s Deuce, and we’ve got Craig Mabbitt [from Escape the Fate] singing on it. There’s more too, but every track is going to be someone.

I’m giving it away for free to the fans. I just wanted to do something different in our scene that nobody’s ever done. Nobody’s ever done anything like that. I never realized how many people respected me until I asked and saw how many people wanted to do it. It made me really happy. I couldn’t believe that so many people came around and sang on it and rapped on it. It’s pretty crazy. But it may be about Christmas when it comes out.”

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