Ronnie Radke Reportedly Leaves Falling In Reverse

Falling in ReversePupFresh is reporting that Ronnie Radke has left Falling In Reverse and that their spring tour was cancelled due to low ticket sales rather than Radke expecting a child. You can read what a reported source is saying after the jump.


I’ve been texting one of the members all night, and this is what I’ve gathered:

Ronnie got pissed that the shows on Falling In Reverse’s upcoming tour didn’t sell out and walked out on the band. It was never about Crissy and him having a kid. Ronnie will continue to do Warped Tour this year but with a whole new band.

For what it’s worth, all the money from the new album will go to Ronnie and only Ronnie. He also took all the merch sales from past tours too and kept the profits.

The former members are also concerned that Jacky Vincent may be deported because he is in the United States on a work visa, and with being fired from FIR, he’s out of a job.

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2 Thoughts to “Ronnie Radke Reportedly Leaves Falling In Reverse”

  1. Alikz

    I do, Myself beleive if Ronnie left the band he had a good reason to leave falling in reverse when its at the top of its game, this is just my opinion but i can beleive him leaving the band cause of his child but also Ronnie has been on a down hill slide going a little crazy but im still a fan im sticking with him to the end.

  2. NObody

    For all we know , this could just be a Radke Hater , trying to get more people to dislike him .. I still love Ronnie , and I’m sticking by him til people have ACTUAL proof that that’s the reason why he left .. This is just a rumor so far .. Nobody probably knows anything for sure , besides Ryan , Ron , Derek , and Jackie ..

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