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Max Bemis of Say Anything recently discussed his vision for the band’s fifth album. Check out an excerpt from an interview after the jump.

Tell me about the vision for album five. I know you already have the title track written.
The musical approach we’re taking—in how we’re producing the record and how it’s going to be arranged—is going to be really radical for us. I can’t give away the exactly definition of why it is so radical. [But] when it comes to what the instruments sound like and the types of music on the record—I think we’re going to be stripping away all comfortability when it comes to that on this next record. In some ways, it’s going to be a total 180 for us.

But then, the cool thing about the record is … what I have written so far—and how I plan to produce it—is also the most self-indulgently Say Anything record that I’ve ever written—almost to the extent that I think I lost the want to escape the cliché of Say Anything. I think the past couple of records, for me, have been [about] trying to avoid being pigeonholed. And in a way, we’re going to definitely be doing that by changing so much sonically and musically.

But there’s an element of the lyrics, melodies and the type of songs that embraces certain things about me and Say Anything that I haven’t really embraced or indulged since our first record, because I almost was ashamed to, or I felt it would be a cop out. Partially due to the stuff I’m going through in my life—and the stuff I find entertaining—I feel more comfortable writing about certain things. And specifically, a lot of this record is going to be about exorcising my personal demons. In the last couple of records, I’ve made it clear in what I’ve been writing about that I’ve gone through this really liberating spiritual experience—being married and getting off drugs and getting my mental health together. I’ve written a lot about that; even Anarchy, My Dear, which was a punk record, was still written about self-empowerment.

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