Scott Weiland Talks Stone Temple Pilots Lawsuit, Chester Bennington Replacement

KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas - Day 1Scott Weiland has finally spoken about the drama between him and his former band, Stone Temple Pilots. Earlier this year, STP fired the singer due to his constant tardiness and on-going battle with drug addiction. They then filed a lawsuit against Weiland for playing STP material during solo concerts and using the band’s name to promote his new career. Things got even messier when Weiland counter-sued, claiming the lawsuit was illogical since he founded the group and co-wrote much for their music. Now, in an interview with Blabbermouth, the singer shares his thoughts regarding the turmoil between him and his former bandmates, as well as his opinion of his STP replacement, Chester Bennington. Check out the full interview here and an excerpt after the jump. You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.

Speaking about his legal battle with his former bandmates over the use of the Stone Temple Pilots name, Weiland said: “We’re in litigation. There’s a band agreement, a band contract agreement. They didn’t follow the rules that were set down as to… for any member, if you were to… There has to be a reason for letting go a member, you have to give them a certain period of time to deal with it whatever different ways you want them to do. But it’s just ridiculous, ’cause they can’t use the name with me not being in the band without us coming to an agreement. So I just don’t really see that… They’ll have buy me out of the company, because I have major value in the company and in the brand. So that’s where we’re at. The lawyers will deal with it.”

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