Secrets: “The Ascent” Album Review!

San Diego, California’s Secrets have a lot to be excited about. They have already toured with established bands such as Oh, Sleeper and recently signed to Rise Records. In addition, they are set to be touring with one of the scene’s biggest acts, Sleeping With Sirens, in a matter of days. Oh, and there is that album, The Ascent, they released on January 17.

The Ascent starts with the techno-esque intro and crushing guitars of “Genesis.” Throughout the album, vocalists Xander Bourgeois (unclean vocals) and Richard Rogers (clean vocals) deliver. While Bourgeois’ screams and growls pulse with emotion, Rogers’ soothing voice makes the tracks catchy as any band you’ll find in this genre. “The Heartless Part” is easily Rogers’ best display of talent, while Bourgeois’ moments of glory are not limited, as both “Blindside” and “You Look Good in Plastic” display his range well.

Secrets’ lyrics prove to be just as appealing as their music. What is interesting about the lyric writing dynamic is that, according to the band, Bourgeois and Rogers write their lyrics separately. The title track offers some of the best lyrics, especially the line, “This is the end/I don’t need this anymore/taking control/is finding strength to let it go,” Bourgeois delivering the words with gusto and providing a hopeful message.

The only issue with this album is that it does sound very similar to many bands of the same genre. However, Secrets take their music and perform it well enough to not only be likable, but refreshing. At first, it may be easy to write them off as just another post-hardcore band. However, try getting Rogers’ opening vocals on “The Heartless Part” out of your head.

Recommended tracks: “The Heartless Part,” “The Ascent,” “You Look Good in Plastic”

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