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HIMThere’s a lot to love about Boston. The House of Blues is not one of those things. Thankfully, watching Finnish rock band HIM perform an hour and a half set (plus encore!) inside the HOB more than made up for any location flaws.

Taking the stage just after 9:30pm, the band opened with Love Metal favorite, “The Sacrament,” before diving into a slew of older material including “In Joy and Sorrow,” “Wings Of a Butterfly,” “Buried Alive By Love,” and “When Love and Death Embrace.” Aptly named the Love Metal Archives tour, the set list was a mix of highlights from the band’s early career, including gems off Razorblade Romance, Love Metal, Dark Light, and Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights. In fact, the only newer song to take the stage that night was Tears on Tape‘s “No Love,” which seemed a little out of place amidst the rest of the setlist.

Although the band is usually pretty subdued on stage, tonight everything just worked. Their energy seemed higher than previous performances, the light show fantastic, and the crowd, well, they couldn’t get enough. Singing along in all the places you’d expect, and waving their hands in the air, I saw more than a few trench coat clad kids boogieing along to some of the band’s more upbeat tracks. At one point someone even ran up to me, grabbed my arm and screamed “you know the words, dance with me!” It was just that kind of night.

Ending the evening with a fantastic encore of Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell,” the show finished with a bang. And as everyone poured into the cold, rainy Boston night I could still hear them talking about the experience they’d just had, and I knew those experiences would carry them well into the New Year. It was that kind of powerful.

You can check out HIM on the rest of their tour, purchase a CD, and buy concert tickets here.

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