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Skate And Surf Festival Lineup Announcement

3-3 Skate and Surf 2The Skate and Surf Festival, which well be held at the Middletown Sports Complex in Middletown, N.J. on May 17 and 18, has announced more of the bands that will perform at it. Many bands have been announced, but one remains a mystery, and the name of that band is hidden in a crossword for fans to decipher. Check out the newly-released additions and puzzle after the jump.

To attend the Skate and Surf Festival, you can buy concert tickets here. And don’t forget to purchase a CD from your favorite bands in the meantime!

The newly-added bands include:

I See Stars
My Ticket Home
Front Porch Step
Lorna Shore
I, The Breather

And the crossword:


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