Skate And Surf Festival Location, Lineup Addition

Skate & SurfSkate And Surf Festival will move their location to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ on May 18 and 19 due to increased demand. They have also added Mayday Parade to their lineup. You can check out more details from the festival’s website after the jump, and buy concert tickets here.


As most of you know, we have relocated Skate and Surf Festival 2013 from the Plaza Green at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ.

I want to thank the Township of Freehold, Mayor Barbara McMorrow, Freehold Police and everyone at iPlay America for the incredible support they have shown for Skate And Surf Festival throughout the past six months.

The logistics of executing an event like Skate And Surf have changed over the past few months. With advance parking reaching near capacity, longer shuttle service experiences expected and increased requirements to secure an event like this, we decided to relocate this year’s event to Six Flags in Jackson, NJ.

We chose Six Flags Great Adventure as it is the closest venue to iPlay America in Freehold, under 12 miles. This means that no hotel changes are needed, as the Freehold hotels also service Six Flags. This will also alleviate the need for any shuttle services. We will now be able to offer all Skate And Surf Festival fans on-site parking in addition to easy mass transit options to and from New York City. Ticketing will be simple, as all guests will enter through Six Flags’ main entrance. We will increase the capacity so that more fans have an opportunity to share in the return of the festival.

Six Flags will offer all Skate And Surf Festival ticket holders full day admission to the park. The festival will be held in a festival area next to Kingda Ka. All production aspects remain the same as planned for Freehold. The festival will not be utilizing the Northern Star Arena (located inside the theme park). All music will be contained within the designated festival area. You can now come as early 10:30 a.m. and access the park on each festival day prior to doors for the festival itself. I have asked the bands to post times they will be going on the rides, so you all have the opportunity of a lifetime! We will begin a social network campaign to promote the Ride with the Band program.

As we move forward with GameChanger, we have a commitment to deliver a better experience to the fans. We have accomplished that with this move. No shuttle service, on-site parking, Six Flags Great Adventure theme park admission for all and we gain an hour of music on Saturday, May 18th! Doors will now open at 2 p.m. on both festival days.

Refunds are available beginning today (Monday, April 29th) and will remain available for the next two weeks, ending on Monday, May 13th.

iPlay America will host a “pre-party” on Friday, May 17th at 8 p.m. iPlay America will also host “ENCORE,” the official Skate And Surf Festival After Party on Saturday, May 18th, 2013. Lastly, our friends at iPlay America will also host the GameChanger Player VIP guests, who are all going to receive special passes to hang all weekend long in a special safari location at Skate and Surf Festival!

This move will make for a special weekend… More flags, more fun!

Let’s do this, Skate and Surf!

Much love.

– John D, Skate and Surf Festival Founder

Sorry to anyone who is inconvenienced. This was a tough decision, but I could not have the fans endure the logistical challenges executing this event.


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