Skate and Surf Location Change

3-3 Skate and SurfSkate and Surf festival will be moving from the Middletown Sports Complex back to Asbury Park, NJ. The City of Asbury Park voted unanimously on a multi-year deal to bring Skate And Surf back.

Skate and Surf started in 2001 and grew into The Bamboozle Festival. The festival is back for the second year after an 8-year hiatus. There is a wide variety of artists playing at this year’s festival, so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Some of the artists playing are Like Moths To Flames, The Early November, Fit For A King, DMX and Emmure, and there are many others as well.

If you’re in the area or even if you’re willing to take a road trip, Skate and Surf is an extremely fun festival to attend; not only do you get to enjoy good music, but you can participate in many different activities throughout the festival. To see a complete list of announced bands and keep yourself updated on other Skate And Surf news visit the website here. Check out an Asbury Park festival map below after the jump.

You can purchase a CD and buy concert tickets here.




( Asbury Park festival map)

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