Sleeping With Sirens “Golden Ticket” Contest

Sleeping With Sirens USE THIS

In a rather cryptic tweet, Rise Records announced Sleeping With Sirens fans may win a contest and find a “golden ticket.” There is no word on how fans can search for a ticket or what finding the ticket entails. Check out a tweet from Rise after the jump.


UPDATE: You can now find new details on the contest here!

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4 Thoughts to “Sleeping With Sirens “Golden Ticket” Contest”

  1. Diana Ramos

    how are we supposed to find this “Golden ticket” ??

  2. Angela Mastrogiacomo

    We’re in suspense too! 🙁

  3. Carli Marie

    So if you dont tell us how to find the “Golden Ticket”, then how are people going to find them, and also how are we going to be able to look for them?

  4. Angela Mastrogiacomo

    News of this has just spread and we’re updating this post to include more information. You can find out all the new details on this Golden Ticket contest here:

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