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Soundtrack To A Polar Vortex

Graveyard ClubThis year, the country is experiencing a brutally cold winter – especially our home city of Minneapolis.   The past months have been spent hibernating – writing songs, watching hockey, and drinking to forget the intolerable cold.  With our abundance of extra time stuck inside, we’ve compiled a playlist that embodies our 2014 so far – the year of the polar vortex.

1.     Bon Iver – Beach Baby

Contrary to its title, this song is a winter jam through and through.  Bon Iver’s origin story of recording his debut LP in a Midwest cabin only adds to the wintery feel.

2.     Youth Lagoon – Afternoon

With the bouncy keyboard intro paired with jovial whistling, it is almost impossible not to envision a workshop of elves workin’ it to this tune.  The lyrics also reference an afternoon spent indoors.

3.     Wild Nothing – Counting Days

Although the song seems to be bursting with summertime sun, the lyrics paint a different picture; one where “it’s cold in your bed, and these flowers have long been dead”.

4.     Elliott Smith – Angel in the Snow

A short, sweet ballad from a cult-hero.  This track speaks for itself.

5.     Mutual Benefit – Let’s Play/ Statue of a Man

While not necessarily winter-specific, the song describes trains, fields, and mining towns – all familiar images to residents of the frozen Midwest.

6.     Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – In This Home On Ice

Off of their stellar debut; this ballad boasts beautiful lyrics highlighting the isolation of winter– such as “shed your rattlesnake skin and become a part of society”.

7.     Villagers – Nothing Arrived

A lyrical gem off of the Dublin-based musician’s second LP, Nothing Arrived focuses on the dark side of waiting for and expecting nothing (in our case, Spring).

8.     The Drums – In The Cold

Whether the cold be physical or emotional – sometimes it can be equally painful.  It was -15F last week.  Ouch.

9.     The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die – Picture of a Tree that Doesn’t Look Okay

A song of longing and questioning in many ways – including “while the weathers getting worse, we take shelter in these walls again.”

10.  The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now

Perhaps a sentiment felt by all this frigid season – this song deals with the desire to pick up and leave wherever you are behind, to only realize it’s not quite so easy.

Graveyard Club is a Minneapolis based indie band that uses synthesizers with broken keys and missing knobs that they gather from local thrift shops. Intrigued? You should be. Check out the band and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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