Soundwave Flare Incident Update; Girl Injured Not Disfigured


Soundwave 2013After an earlier update that a girl had been disfigured by a flare at Soundwave, the girl has posted a blog confirming that although she was injured, she was not disfigured. You can check out the blog update, along with photos after the jump.

So yesterday at sydney soundwave, during bring me the horizon someone decided to let off a flare in the middle of the mosh, that was all well and good, as i was one person away from the barrier. Until someone decided to throw one towards the stage, this just happening to hit me on the shoulder, realising id been burnt, i was then pushed to the ground by the crowd, ALMOST LANDING ON THE DAMN FLARE. luckily a guy who i didn’t even get to see helped me up. i then had to scream at the security at the front to help me out, at which point they couldn’t because the crowd was freaking out and i was pinned to the barrier. after finally getting pulled out i was then directed out to go back to the normal crowd, and yelled at by multiple security for heading towards the first aid tent side of the stage, until a whole lot of swearing and trying to get someone to actually stop for 5 seconds and realise, i was finally sent to the tent.

kudos to the man who looked after me, i dont think there was a whole 60 seconds that he wasn’t putting saline on my shoulder and tried to clean it, we then had to walk all the way over to the base camp for first aid, where i basically stood under a shower for 10 minutes to clean it a little, my shoulder was then dressed and i was told to go to hospital. due to my living in newcastle they told us to drive home and go to john hunter. so after the 20 minute walk back to the car. the 2 hour or so drive home, i got to belmont hospital, where it was poked and prodded to see if they could actually even stitch it up, which luckily they could, so a few stitches later and a 1am trip to work for some dinner, i find myself snuggled in bed with the comfort of my pug.


just wanted to clear that up guys.

ps guys, i just wanna say thankyou to the guy that was nice enough to stop and help me back up when everyone else was too busy trying to get away. and to the young man who helped me in first aid, he was constantly checking me and keeping my shoulder cool, he even went out and found my friends in the crowd for me.
and to the lovely kirra who battled on and drove me home!

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