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Sparrow Sleeps Launches Kickstarter For Brand New Lullabies Vinyl Release

4-2 Sparrow Sleeps

Sparrow Sleeps, who has been creating lullaby versions of popular songs by Fall Out Boy, Blink-182 and others, has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign is aimed at funding a vinyl pressing of the lullabies he’s made of Brand New’s songs, which he hopes to release this summer.

You can be part of the process and help fund the Kickstarter here, and check out what Sparrow Sleep has to say about the campaign below, after the jump.

In addition, you can check out more lullabies by Sparrow Sleeps here.

For more music from Brand New, you can purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets here.

I want to press 500 copies of “Your Favorite Lullabies: Lullaby Renditions of Your Favorite Brand New Songs” on vinyl. If the demand is great, I’d love to press the other Sparrow Sleeps releases as well in a 12” series. I guess that all depends on you: the backer.

There are a number of rewards on the right side of this screen. The one I am most excited about is creating lullabies specifically for you! You can select a number of rewards where I will create a lullaby rendition of a song of your choosing. You can hear what I’ve already done over at My forte is pop/punk/rock songs, as you will see.

The $3000 will cover most of the expenses. I am estimating that the pressing of 500 will cost approximately $2500, and the remaining $500 will be for the mechanical licenses involved with this physical release.

I’ve tried to keep the rewards reasonable. The vinyl would eventually be sold for $15 each, so the reward for vinyl is $20 ($15 + $5 to cover shipping). I definitely don’t want to charge you helpers more than what I will charge for the record in the future.

Let’s make this fun and personable, and have an end result that includes a beautiful 12” vinyl record housed in a matte jacket that you just want to stare at and listen to forever!

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