Split Review: Nightmare Of You & Nightmares For a Week: “Nightmares Split’

The new Nightmare Of You and Nightmares For a Week Split is interesting to say the least. Each track has its own energy and intrigue; the fact that the combination of bands is unusual only adds to how perfect the split is. It’s unexpected and fascinating, complete with little elements of surprise.

While Nightmare Of You approaches the split with a more melodious, relaxed method, Nightmares For a Week attempts to push a more frayed, rock and roll vibe.

Lyrically, each band showcases their way with words, balancing that out with the right beats to make you sway. For a track like “It’s Not Enough Until It’s Killing Me,” it is ridiculously difficult to not listen closely to the lyrics, even if you are distractedly bobbing along. As the lead singer belts about his vices (namely chocolate and sex), it’s almost a surprise when you get to the Vampire Weekend-esque track, “Box of Hops,” which is beautifully crafted. If there’s a track on this split that you need on your iPod, it’s this one.

Nightmares For a Week takes a more direct approach, jumping in your face for fifty-eight seconds of pure confusion, leaving the listener wondering if they put their iPod on shuffle again. However, they quickly bring the split back with the final track, “Mr. Grimm,” which is another well-crafted song, both lyrically and musically.

Overall, I think the split was a job well-done; I just wish Nightmares For a Week’s “2011” could have been replaced with a better track to represent the band; one that matched the captivating “Mr. Grimm.”


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