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Staff Pick: Best Live Performances of 2012



Beirut – Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide
Great show, great set and a bunch of handsome men. What more is necessary for a good night out? (Anthony Frith)

Reggie Watts Disorients You In The Most Entertaining Way – TED Talks

It’s practically un-American to not surf YouTube on occasion…hell, it’s practically inhumane.  Ultimately, stumbling across something awesome or epic or totally sweet or wicked cool…etc is like finding diamonds when you’re mining for gold. Needless to say, I was absolutely blown away by Reggie Watts ‘TED Talks” performance in which he takes recognizable and almost commonplace ideas and perpetuates them into a brilliant stage show that highlights the human capacity for dissociation.  (Eric Monfette)

Glass Cloud -AP Fall 2012 Tour

Glass Cloud have a sound that is not very easy to replicate live: soaring guitars, blasting drums and constant vocal tone switches (front man Jerry Roush performs double duty as clean and unclean vocalist). However, they did so, and well. Roush sounded great and guitar virtuoso Joshua Travis brought his out of this world guitar work to the audience. Plus, the band had great energy and got the crowd excited for what was to come later that evening. (Brooke Daly)

The Maine/Mayday Parade-Orlando, FL

This is a difficult choice for me, as I have gotten the chance to see some truly wonderful performances this year. I think The Maine/Mayday Parade show wins out though. Despite the fact that it was in a reasonably-sized venue with a LOT of people, the show still felt really intimate. All the bands communicated with fans during the show, making it even more special. Not to mention, they are some of the most talented musicians I have ever had the opportunity to see grace the stage. (Liv Simister).

Bruce Springsteen- Live at the Apollo, March 9 2012
2012 was Bruce Springsteen’s year.  He was our voice for economic strife and we vented our frustrations through him.  At the beginning of the year though, it wasn’t quite so obvious. He was touring with E-Street for the first time without Clarence Clemons.  This Apollo show recorded exclusively for Sirius XM, showed that the Big Man wasn’t forgotten and that his spirit was still in the music.  It was sad, cathartic and inspiring – exactly everything a soul revival show should be. (Matt Satterfield)

The Ghost Inside – Thebarton Theatre

Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of shooting The Ghost Inside when they supported The Amity Affliction on their latest tour and for me, they stole the show with their excellent choice of songs and just the right amount of showmanship to make it very entertaining.  But towards the end of their set lead singer Jonathan Vigil paid tribute to his father, who had passed away while he was on tour, explaining his father was a musician and he would be proud of him being able to entertain the crowd as he was that night. And entertain he did! That one touching moment will stay with me forever. (Rick Formby)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist at Irving Plaza NYC

I’ll be honest I didn’t go to that many live performances this past year, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (and crew!) put on one of the best shows I have ever seen in my lifetime. Pairing old songs with their new album, crowdsurfing from major heights, and providing background stories to each of their songs meant a fabulous show. They are true entertainers who live for the crowd and the craft they present. They have sold out their entire US tour so I can’t be alone in thinking this! (Abbey Williams) 

Of Monsters & Men, The Orpheum, Boston, MA

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an audience of thousands up on their feet dancing, singing and even crying tears of joy while witnessing what one can only assume is their favorite band. But when I caught the sold out Of Monsters & Men show at The Orpheum in Boston, MA, that’s exactly what I got. When a band from the tiny country of Iceland can have that immense an impact in the US, and the east coast of all places-you know you’ve got something special. (Angela Mastrogiacomo)

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