Staff Pick: Unsigned Bands To Check Out In 2013



Anthony Frith

Like Kites
I’m a narcissist.

Eric Monfette

Tim Haufe

J. Rumney


Liv Simister

I love stumbling across random musicians. I think that’s part of the fun of music. It’s better now with the Internet because you can find great musicians that aren’t with a record label; those are the ones that dominate my iTunes. A long-time favorite of mine is the Icarus Account. I still can’t believe they’re unsigned, because Trey and Ty Turner  are amazing. It helps that they support the Tampa Bay Rays!

Other favorites: Move Out West, Clashing Colours, Summertime Dropouts, Brian Mackey, etc.

Matt Satterfield

Ten Kens

Ten Kens are from Canada.  Their dark atmospheric work sounds like a mesh between Radiohead, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.  Where a lot of bands just come out of the dark flying, Ten Kens let their songs soak in a while before letting it get in your head.  Their live performances are also equally inspiring.  A jam band for those that don’t like jam-style bands.
Brooke Daly

Alive, in Standby

These guys supported Our Last Night on their “Freedom Isn’t Free” tour. It is easy to be immediately impressed with clean vocalist Christian Koo’s pipes. He is almost reminiscent of Jonny Craig in his soulful delivery. Their EP, Dream Status, is catchy and showcases great vocals, interesting guitar riffs and poignant lyrics. You can purchase the EP on iTunes.

Check out: “Mac Attack” 

Rick Formby

Like Kites

I have had the pleasure of seeing Like Kites twice now and both times they have not failed to entertain. Their progressive/alternative style is very appealing, their songs are catchy, their energy on stage is second to none and you can’t deny their enthusiasm when Anthony Frith is in the moment, jumping off the stage, down on his knees or lying on the floor at the feet of their fans. Like Kites put on a spectacular show and I can’t wait to see them release their first album.

Abbey Williams

The Diamond Light

The Diamond Light is made up of a bunch of old high school friends of mine. They were signed in 2007 but have since dropped their label and have been very successful in doing so. They’ve been in numerous commercials as well as Showtime and MTV shows.

Weekend Money

Brooklyn based rap duo Weekend Money has had a successful year playing Webster Hall and Brooklyn Bowl with some very prominent artists like Zion-I and Kids These Days.

Lauren Hurley

Indie singer/guitarist from NH who has such an incredible edgy sound. You can catch her in Northern MA and Southern NH for shows, she’s worth a listen for sure but nothing beats her live performances.

Angela Mastrogiacomo









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