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STREAM: “Confusion” from Ben Stiller’s Teenage Punk Album

Bottom Row: Ben Stiller with knife in hand.
Bottom Row: Ben Stiller with knife in hand.

Yes, we’re talking about the actor Ben Stiller, and frankly I find this news even more exciting than the Zoolander 2 announcement earlier this month. So here’s the scoop: Back in high school, 1979 to be exact, Stiller and friends formed a punk rock band known as Capital Punishment. In 1982 they released their first and only LP titled Roadkill, which is now a collectors item. But now Brooklyn-based indie label Captured Tracks (the label for Mac DeMarco, The Beach Fossils, and DIIV) will be reissuing the album Roadkill, and have a track off the album titled “Confusion” streaming online.

If you’re into proto-punk, industrial sounds, like the works of Throbbing Gristle, you’ll definitely want to be looking out for this album, whose release date is yet to come. View the band’s bio via Captured Tracks here, and make the jump to listen to the track “Confusion”.

For more music by the Captured Tracks label, you can purchase a CD here.


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