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STREAM: Reverend Mothers “C’est La Vie”

Reverend MothersInfectious Magazine is ecstatic to bring you a rock & roll track that’s sure to knock you off your feet. Filled with raw passion pulsating through your speakers, Reverend Mothers’ brand new track, “C’est La Vie” off their upcoming concept EP, Scorched Earth, Pt. 1: The Rover is sure to become a new favorite. Check out the stream, along with artwork, and a behind the scenes look at the music via vocalist Wolf Watson after the jump. You can purchase a CD digitally and buy concert tickets from Reverend Mothers here.

About the song:

The song itself is one part of an overarching story that spans across two EPs. This part in particular deals with the boy, Aleister, venturing into parts unknown to discover the secret of the creatures killing off the people of his town. We wanted something upbeat and bouncy to simulate a boy’s imaginative brain stumbling upon new ideas.

About the EP:

This brings us to the beginning of our story. Asphodel Meadows, an unincorporated town somewhere between what used to be Palm Springs and Death Valley, houses a population of 450. A young boy named Aleister, living in the Southwest, has become accustomed to the strange climate changes and lack of light. He is the expert of his town, some say, he knows his way around better than anyone. The boy is what they call a ‘dowser,’ he uses the divination technique of dowsing to find water under the ground. He is one of several dowsers in the town- but he’s got a knack for it. Even dowsing at night frequently when he shouldn’t be. A majority of the people in Asphodel Meadows are afraid to go outside during the dark hours. No, not due to the superstitions of spectres and spooks- they only fear the ‘shapes of hell.’ ‘Las Formas Del Infierno,’ as the townsfolk call them, are people from other areas on their landmass that scavenge and hunt. They live and die by the sword- barbaric principles. Some people call Aleister a dead-man for being out there in the darkness, some say the boy is quick on his feet but dull in his head. He himself knows there are greater forces at work here, somebody behind the scenes pulling the strings of the ‘prowlers.’ He’s made it a point to find out…


It was an early spring morning, or maybe it was summer, above all it was warm.


Reverend Mothers

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