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STREAM: Sparrow Sleeps “Sugar We’re Going Down” Lullaby Version

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 10.01.35 AMGoing by the name Sparrow Sleeps, a man who had a daughter back in October has been using his musical abilities to create lullaby versions of a variety of popular songs. He’s found these lullabies help his daughter calm down and fall asleep when she’s tired. He’s created a bandcamp, which you can check out here, as a place to share these projects and allow fans to download the songs he’s re-created.

Recently, he took Fall Out Boy‘s hit “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and turned it into a beautifully executed lullaby. You can stream the song here.

For more music from Sparrow Sleeps, you can download his music here.

As for Fall Out Boy, you can purchase a CD of their tunes here. And you can buy concert tickets here to catch them live, perhaps while they’re playing on the Monumentour with Paramore this summer!

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