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STREAM: Stacked Like Pancakes “45”

For a majority of us, this past year under the Trump presidency has been less than ideal. Our nation has been divided in more ways than we could have ever imagined, and hope for brighter days is hard to find ever now and again. But thanks to Stacked Like Pancakes, maybe a little hope is on the horizon.

Today they released a brand new track simply titled “45.” While the song takes many swings at the Commander in Chief, there is also a much-needed dose of optimism sprinkled throughout. The upbeat tune proudly proclaims that even though we have a leader who is doing everything in his power to split us, we will never be broken. Regardless of policies Trump is trying to put in place or take away, we stand as one unit and won’t back down.

“45” is a triumphant anthem for anyone who has struggled to wrap their mind around the craziness that has come about with our current president. So take a listen to the track below, and let us know what you think!

Stacked Like Pancakes are currently on their V.I.Pancakes Tour! To see the guys lives, you can buy concert tickets here.

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