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STREAM: The Academic “Different”

For the past 5 years a little town in Ireland has been getting a lot of press because of a blonde kid with blue eyes. However, Niall Horan is not the only talented musician to come out of Mullingar. Earlier this week, alternative rock band, The Academic began streaming their debut single, “Different,” on Soundcloud.

“Different” is super catchy combining all the best qualities from the current leaders of alt-rock into one song. From Craig Fitzgerald’s lead vocals taking on an almost Nick Petricca vibe circa WALK THE MOON’s self titled record, to instrumentals reminiscent of Young The Giant, there are only good things to be said about this song.

You can listen to it after the jump, but make sure to have that hairbrush microphone ready (do we still do that or did I just age myself?) because you’ll be singing along with the track in no time.

Unfortunately, they still aren’t playing anywhere in America, but if you are lucky enough to live in the UK or Ireland, you can buy concert tickets here. And, be sure to preorder the song. If you are in Ireland, this is where you pre order. Everywhere else, click here.

Let us know what you think of this song (you already know my opinion) in the comments below!



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