Sugar Glyder Announce Breakup

sugar-glyderAfter ten years of being a band, Sugar Glyder have called it quits. Read a goodbye message from the band after the jump and purchase a CD here.
After 10 years of music and memories we are sad to say that Sugar Glyder the band is calling it a decade. All good things come to an end but the best parts last forever. We will never forget this experience that you’ve all given us.

You may not realize it but all of this was made possible by your love and kindness. Without that we’d just be a bunch of people making noise.

It is with proud heads and heavy hearts that we will all move forward in life now.

Eternal thanks to you all for your support throughout the years. We sincerely hope we’ve been able to make the most lasting and positive impression on you, it’s the least we could do to return the favor.

“All I really wanna know when you go,
Tell me is the road fast or slow
Gotta realize these things
Gotta let them sink into the dirt
Tell me does it hurt
And as for the work
Was it really worth it?”

The answer is yes.

Much Love in Music
Forever your boys
-Sugar Glyder

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